I drove from New York to get my Advanced Reiki Training at A Reiki World.  It's a very special place where you instantly feel welcome and at ease.  The results were amazing. My family saw such a difference in my mood.  I returned home filled with harmony, happiness, and inner peace.  My children were so intrigued; they wanted to learn Reiki too.  I brought my teenage daughter and son back for a beginning Reiki class.  The experience has had a lasting impact on our whole family.
                                                                                    -Kristi Mogg

Reiki was astonishly calming and I felt a peacefulness surrounding everyone I encountered.   I couldn't wait to go back and get more Reiki!
                                                                                     -Kyle Mogg (age 12)

Reiki has enabled me to navigate through very difficult times with much grace and healing.  As my mother danced with cancer for the last two years, Reiki was a beautiful gift we could share together.  It brought her great peace and comfort and her Reiki treatments quickly became her favorite part of each day.  When she was hooked up to life support in the ICU, the nurses were amazed at how effective Reiki was at bringing down her elevated respiratory rate.  I am so thankful for this precious gift.  I took my Masters training at A Reiki World and could not be happier with the program.
                                                                                    -Lindy Gilbert